3:50pm – 3:55pm GMT Sunday 22 Sep 2019
Interstitial Performance

Music: I Dewa Made Suparta

I Dewa Made Suparta is a musician, composer, and teacher. Born to a family of artists in Bali, Indonesia, he was immersed in gamelan music from early childhood. He is a founding member of Gamelan Çudamani, an innovative ensemble based in Bali, and has toured internationally. Since moving to Canada, he has directed the Balinese gamelan ensemble at l’Université de Montréal and Montreal’s Gamelan Giri Kedaton, and has been invited as a guest artist across North America. Artist-in-residence at Conrad Grebel University College, UWaterloo, he teaches courses in Balinese music, culture, and composition, and is the artistic director of the UWaterloo Balinese Gamelan and Grebel Community Gamelan.